The cam work room has efficient apparatus for normal temperature and normal humidity which is significant basic factor of the high density PCB production, and also it is installed with update equipment which maintains high precision level such as automatic film developing and precise elastic.

CNC Drilling

CNC drill machines are used for accuracy of small hole & high aspect ratio drilling. The diameter of drill bit and the run-out in the spindle are automatically checked each time and every drill bit is loaded from the station. The up-date fully automatic drills controlled by computers are very effective for production.


Automatic plating system controlled by computers are able to provide cost effective fine-line, high density boards. The production of SMD & small hole board is available due to the installation of plating resist stripping and etching machines by automatic PTH and panel plating system.

Photo Imaging / Etching

The automatic laminator and exposure system are installed for the use of dry film construction method which is to develop the unexposed photo-resist on the copper surface, and also it has perfect apparatus for normal temperature and normal humidity.

PSR / Silk Screen

Liquid Photo Imageable Solder Mask applied with permanent ink that is immune under any physical and chemical circumstances to protect circuits and to avoid solder bridge phenomenon during wave soldering. These facilities have been designed to coat a variety of solder mask colors, finishes, panel sizes and panel thickness.


This is a process to finalize the product by adjusting to the suitable size according to the specification with multi spindle, CNC controlled router machine or the press machine and then V-Scoring equipment.

Electrical Test

Electrical Test process is examining conductibility of completed circuit boards according to our customer's specification and give them perfect quality assurance.

Final Inspection

It is a process to make a final optical inspection, in which the inspectors make Reliability Test for all jobs before the shipping.